YOUNG VISION Hand Sanitizer Gel , 4*16.9oz.(500ml), 70% Alcohol (US STOCK)

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YOUNG VISION Hand Sanitizer Gel , 4*16.9oz.(500ml), 67.6 oz Total, 70% Alcohol Based , Household Hand Sanitizer Hand wash Antibacterial Hand wash gel Sanitizer(US STOCK)

1.It can kill 99% bacteria effectively.
2.Rinse-free,4 pack of 500 ml (16.9 oz) bulk, 67.6 oz total .
3.None-sticky after using.
4.FDA certified.

1. This product is for external use, no taken orally, avoid contact with eyes, and keep away from reach of children.

2.Inflammable,please keep away from the fire source, do not lose to the fire source before no volatilized completely when use.

3.1f there is skin irritation, please stop using, If further irritation please consult a doctor and keep it below.

4.Use with caution for alcohol allergy.

Product Capacity: 500ml

Property: colorless, transparent liquid

sanitary license: ZWXZZ (2020) No. 0079
Executive Standard: GB26373-2010