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WARNING!] Germicidal Lights are Recommended For Professional use only.
WARNING!] Exposure to Ultraviolet Light can Result in Serious damage Including Painful eye and skin Irritations.
About the Films]If the films look yellow because part of photocatalyst is inactive. Before use, active films under sunlight or UV lighting for 30mins. Residual powders in bags are harmless, please rest assured.

1. Use this unit only in the manner intended by the manufacturer.
If you have questions, contact the manufacturer at the address or telephone
number listed in the manual.
2. Before servicing or install the unit, switch power off at service panel and
lock the service disconnecting means to prevent power from being switched
on accidentally. When the service disconnecting means cannot be locked,
securely fasten a prominent warning device, such as a tag, to the service panel.
3. Installation work and electrical wiring must be done by a qualified person(s)
in accordance with all applicable codes and standards, including fire-rated
construction codes and standards.
4. Before using this product, please make sure that your voltage is appropriate
for the working voltage of this product. Using this product with a voltage other
than the one specified may damage he product and cause safety hazards.
5. UV LEDs emit ultraviolet radiation when in operation, which are invisible to
human eyes and harmful to eyes or skin.
6. For indoor use only. Do not use where directly exposed to water.
7. Do not interconnect parts of this product with parts of another
manufacturer's product.
8. Do not bend the product to avoid damaging.
9. This product is not a toy and should not stored or left in locations
accessible to young children.